Hearing Assessments

Newcastle Hearing Centre can assess hearing in children from 7 months onwards. Our audiologist uses a variety of games and techniques to determine the type and level of hearing loss.

The comprehensive hearing assessments we offer include:

  • Babies from 8 months using Visually Reinforced Orientation Audiometry (VROA)
  • Children 3-5 years old play audiometry
  • Adult hearing tests
  • Pre employment, aviation and dive assessments
  • Custom moulded ear plugs for noise, swimming and sleeping

Fees – The fees for our audiology service range between $120 – $140 depending on the type of testing that you require. 

If your child requires a retest due to not getting a full result on the first visit, then the first visit will be a flat fee of $50

Referral – A referral is not necessary, however, with a valid referral from your GP, a Medicare rebate will be applicable for your consultation. New referrals should be addressed to Newcastle Hearing Centre. If you are a patient of Dr Niall Jefferson at Ear Nose Throat Newcastle, you do not need a new referral from your GP. Your current referral will allow us to claim through Medicare for your hearing assessment.

Hearing Tests for babies and children

Newcastle Hearing Centre provides hearing assessments for babies, toddlers, and children in a dedicated child friendly environment. 

Hearing Assessments are performed by an experienced Paediatric Audiologist who aims to make the assessment a fun and positive experience.

A variety of tests are used to assess hearing. Each child is different, and we adapt the test to suit. Hearing tests are safe and non-invasive. 

It is important to schedule the test at a time in the day when your child will be fresh and happy. 

The test is performed in a fun and friendly booth with the child, parent and audiologist. It is usually completed within 30 minutes. 

It is a good idea not to bring siblings to the appointment so that the child feels secure with parental attention and less distractions.

If you have any questions regarding the rest or how your child will react, please feel free to call and speak to our audiologist. 

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